CEACSO Training Agenda Fall 2016


We are pleased to present our training activities for the fall semester, 2016. Their aim is to develop the knowledge of CSOs concerning EU funding, collaborative finance and organisation management. We also included training sessions in French and Spanish as well as webinars in order to make our training activities accessible to all. For more information and registration, contact us to info@ceacso.org


  • EU Rights of the Child Programme: Applying and Managing Projects
    (Tuesday, October 4, 2016 14h-17h, Brussels)

The European Union provides important resources for projects aimed at protecting and promoting the fundamental rights of the child. In this seminar, we will give to organisations working in this field the necessary tools and information to apply for the calls for proposals that are open until the end of year. We will also explain the reporting mechanisms and the essentials for managing projects for children’s safety and well-being.

  • Integrating Crowdfunding In Your Funding Strategy for 2017
    (Thursday, October 20, 2016 14h-17h, Brussels)

The recent expansion of crowdfunding represents a valuable opportunity for CSOs to diversify their sources of income. The objective of this seminar is to help you integrate collaborative finance as part of your organisation’s funding strategy for 2017. Based on examples of successful campaigns, we will explain how to plan and manage campaigns in order to obtain resources for your projects via crowdfunding.


  • Webinar: Understanding the Funding Opportunities of the EU
    (Thursday, November 17, 2016 14h-15h CET)

Obtaining funds from the European Union can be an intricate process, but with a clear understanding of the general guidelines and procedures this becomes a much easier task. In this webinar, we will introduce you to the main funding programmes of the EU in the social sector, and we will help you identify the relevant opportunities in your field of action. We will additonally explain the jargon and the steps of the application process.

  • Webinar: Introducción a las oportunidades de financiación de la UE
    (Thursday, November 25, 2016 14h-15h CET)

Obtener fondos de la Unión Europea puede ser un proceso complicado, pero una comprensión clara de los procedimientos y las pautas generales puede facilitarle esta tarea a su organización. En este webinar, le presentaremos los principales programas de financiación de la EU en el sector social, y le daremos las herramientas necesarias para identificar las oportunidades de financiación relevantes en su campo de acción. Igualmente, le explicaremos los conceptos clave así como los pasos del proceso de presentación de candidaturas para obtener subvenciones para sus proyectos.


  • EU Daphne Program: How to Apply and Manage Projects
    (Tuesday, December 6, 2016 14h-17h, Brussels)

Daphne is the main funding programme of the European Union for the prevention of violence against women, children, young people and other vulnerable groups. In this workshop, we will explore the program’s priorities as well as its most important features, in order to make you able to submit competitive proposals for the calls that will be open in the forthcoming months. Based on the experience of successful projects, we will also give you essential clues on how to manage projects under Daphne such as financial management and partnerships.