Workshop: Tools for Social Impact

If you are an NGO or entrepreneur working directly with the beneficiaries, this is a workshop helping you set up the key elements for a social impact strategy. For an organization interested in understanding and measuring the social impact of its projects, the key step begins with tools which outline reasons why we do activities we do, what we expect to achieve with them and what is the actual outcome on the field. This workshop will help you revisit your reasons for social impact, your stakeholders, your value proposition, activities outputs and outcomes. Over the two sessions, you will be working individually and in groups to fine-tune your strategy by digging deep into the key elements. The tools will help you gain clarity on what is needed for social impact strategy and for building a strong case for attracting funding. Besides intense work with the tools, you will also complete a practical exercise to practice getting the buy-in from the other stakeholders and investors. Only with a full clarity and focus on impact, you can strengthen the understanding, expectations, communication and evaluation of success.

Workshop outline:

  • What is social impact? Why should it be measured? Why does it matter?
  • Setting up an impact-oriented mind and culture in an organisation
  • What is Solutions Map and how does it determine your strategy?
  • What is Theory of Change and how does it help in planning, participation, and evaluation
  • From Input to Impact – key elements of social impact
  • Practice: Create your Solutions Map and Theory of Change, outline your output indicators
  • Feedback: Peer review and coaching
  • Practice: Pitch in front of Impact Investors panel
  • Practice: Set up a project with impact indicators using online tools

The workshop is organised in collaboration with Generation Why Not.

First session, Tuesday 17 October, 9.30 – 13.00
Second session, Tuesday 24 October, 14:00 – 17.30
Place: Mundo-b – Rue d’Edimbourg 26, Brussels 1050
Price: 150 Euro. Subsidy possibility – Contact us for more info.

For registration, please complete the registration form and send it to
Limited seats, we highly appreciate early registration.